Monday, September 28, 2009

Macbeth Act 4

Here is the place to understand, ask questions and seek clarification on Act 4 of Macbeth.


  1. Ok SO. I actually have one question mainly: if Ross warns Lady Macduff that she and her children are going to be killed, how does he know in the first place? I don't think Macbeth would let people besides Lady Macbeth know about it. How did he find out? Is Ross the third murderer/spy?
    I mean, it's pretty irelevant to the test but I'm just a little bit curious.

  2. I do not think that Ross knew for sure that Lady Macduff was going to be murdered or he would have taken her from her house to save her life. I think its just a bit of foreshadow. Also, Ross recognizes the darkness of the times in which no one, particularly a woman and her child with no one to protect them, are very vulnerable.

  3. I asked this question during class and what Smith said was that word just got around when Macbeth hired the murderers. It sounds like it's just "known" now.