Friday, February 5, 2010

Skype Session Ideas- 2nd Hour

During second hour, we were working on creating a plan for the teaching of propaganda in 1984. We just finished breaking into small groups that we could use to teach the other class. Below I have listed who I think is in your group, who is the leader, who has a computer WITH SKYPE, and who has a skype account. Please verify this information and make any corrections necessary.

Group 1:
Members: Taylor T., Taylor W., Emily, Rebekkah, and Neely
Team Leader: Emily
Computer: Rebekkah
Skype: Taylor T.

Group 2:
Members: Daniel, Justin, Josh, Logan, and Garrett
Team Leader: Daniel
Computer: Justin
Skype: Logan

Group 3:
Members: Jessica, Bree, Shannon, and Amanda
Team Leader: Jessica
Computer: Bree
Skype: Bree

Group 4:
Members: Zac, Melanie, Margot, Nate, and Eric
Team Leader: Zac
Computer: Zac
Skype: Zac

Group 5:
Members: Kristen, Kara, Anna, and Lauren
Team Leader: Kristen
Computer: Kara
Skype: Kara

Group Together:
Members: Sydney, Kylie, Grace, Jonathan, and Meredith
Team Leader: Meredith
Computer: Kylie
Skype: Kylie

Also, please comment on what your group is thinking of doing. (Examples: political posters, political cartoons, etc.) If you could make a claim on your idea, we can add it to the list. If you are able to put the web address of any propaganda, that would be wonderful as well. Last thing, we are going to need to get all of the propaganda to the class in Texas somehow. Add your ideas here of how to do this! Thanks!

**This only applies to 2ND HOUR. Please post your ideas so that we will have enough time on Monday to practice.


  1. Class - So I was talking to Meredith and we think that the easiest way to get all of your ideas together would be to make a google sites page, so each group can have their own page. I am going to create it and then I will comment again on this blog so that you guys can see the link, and I will let you guys make changes to the site

  2. Okay so the website I created has this URL:

  3. Just some ideas for what groups want to use for their individual groups:

    ~Political posters
    ~War propaganda

    Anyone want to claim these ideas?

  4. If your name is here, please put an email address that we can use to invite you to the page, should we use it. By being invited and accepting, you can edit the page, upload your propaganda, etc.


    If your name is not here, you should have received an email, that invites you to the Google site. If not just put your email up, and we can get that to you.

  5. Kylie and Meredith-

    I thought that I was in the group with both of you, Sydney, and Jonathan. I was just wondering if it was possible to still be in the group. Thankns!

  6. Group 4:
    I have discussed with Meredith what a good topic might be for us to investigate in terms of propaganda. I thought that product advertising propaganda would be interesting. Let me know what you think Group 4! Thanks!

  7. Hi guys-
    Ok so for group 1, Emily is the leader, not me. And also, I am really confused about what to do for this whole propaganda thing. Can someone please clarify the assignment for me please? Oh, and I never recieved an email inviting me to the google page, so my email is Thanks!

  8. Ok so group 1 has claimed political posters.

  9. Meredith-

    So I am kind of confused as to what our group is doing. Do we need to claim/come up with a topic?

  10. Margot- Maybe we could widen that to cover all of marketing? Then we could narrow it down from there if we need to

  11. Taylor W- Okay sorry we didn't have your email address so we weren't able to get it to you, but I will send you an invitation tonight. Also to simplify what we are supposed to do, you were put into a group, and it is your groups job to teach a couple students from the other class about propaganda. Therefore, Meredith and I made the website so that your group would have a place to put pictures of propaganda etc. hopefully that helps. I am pretty sure that we will be working on this in class tomorrow.

    Grace- we are not going to be claiming a topic because we are going to be going over the general ideas with the other class. Therefore, we have to wait for the other groups to put in their information in order to know what our general ideas are going to be. Does that make any more sense?

    Thanks for responding to the blog everyone! See you all tomorrow!

  12. Kylie-

    Ok, thanks. That clears things up. So is there anything that we need to do to be ready for tomorrow?

  13. My email address is

  14. Thanks, Jonathan! We can send that to you.

    Grace- Not really. We are just waiting for others to put up their propaganda, so that we can draw big connections between all of it. We can do some of that in class today, but we may need to brainstorm tonight.

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