Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Discuss Intro Period 2


  1. -->Is anyone else a little concerned about what he is saying? I don't like thinking that all these tests that we drive ourselves crazy over don't actually matter in the long run. So what does and why aren't we being prepared in that manner?
    -->I am a little concerned about what he is saying. According to the brain test yesterday, I am very left-brained. To be told that my future jobs are not going to lead to success is definitely a little upsetting. As some people have alluded to, I think it is important to have both functions. Pink constantly says that right-brained people will succeed, but they will only succeed with a mixture. Say someone comes up with a new invention. Great, they just created a new product but without some form of left-brain smarts, the inventor will be unable to succeed at the marketing and other logistical pieces of the invention.

    -->On the subject of college, do you think that "Right brain thinkers" or "Left brain thinkers" are more accepted into prestigious schools? What kinds of behavior and hobbies are colleges evaluating in future applicants?
    -->I think that at specialized schools, yes they are look for “right brained” or “left brained” thinkers. These schools are meant to school a person in a very specific trade: engineering, instrument repair, etc. Most schools, however, are probably looking for someone who can do both. It’s great to win 19 art contests, but if you can’t solve a simple math problem, the college is not going to take you. These schools, since they offer a wide range of majors, are looking for someone who can fulfill a diverse set of requirements. Some schools also base their admissions on “left-brained” tests: SAT, ACT, AP, etc.

    -->Do you think that school meets the needs of all types of learners?
    -->In schools in America today, all types of learners are met, but not all in the same way or frequency. For example, a creative, right-brained person’s needs would be met in an interactive environment, but not in a lecture hall. Contrastingly a left-brained person would have his or her needs met in a lecture rather than in an art class. Typically, the classes try to have a blend, but lean towards left-brained learning.

    -->What is creativity? Define it in your own words.
    -->Creativity is the ability to think about something in a new and different way. That may exhibit itself as a new way to solve a math problem, a new approach in English, a new invention, or anything else. Creative people are motivated to do something different and not conform to the status-quo.

    -->Don't you think that students should be free to choose what classes they want? Why don't the students pick their core classes, and not the teachers?
    -->At many schools, students are not allowed to pick which core classes they take simply because if some students had the choice they wouldn’t take any. No one can succeed in life without taking Math, English, etc. The school is trying to nurture well-rounded individuals to succeed and carry society in the future. Also, by federal law, we have to take standardized tests. How are they going to ensure we are prepared? Make us take the class. The current school system is really based upon what succeeded 15 years ago versus what may or may not succeed tomorrow.

  2. I agree with what a lot of you said at the beginning, how Daniel Pink might not be right in what he is saying. There could be some legitimacy behind his logic but I just don't see it. How Nate is saying that sure someone could fill in a bubble but it takes a new person to come up with a creative idea. I would have to disagree with that. When I was in the math competition today, it took someone really smart to answer all of those questions. Our group was only able to answer 4 out of the 20 questions that were given to us in Algebra. I mean, if it weren't for logical thinkers like engineers, and lawyers and doctors, I don't think that this society would be funtioning very well right now.

    Rebekkah: Anna- I agree with you. I think that we should learn left brain ideas because everybody needs to know the logic about any situation. Even though creativity is overpowering now, people should still learn how to use the left brain. The side of our brain that we use depends on what society wants. Like Daniel Pink said, today, we have to appeal to emotions and physical beauty because that is what the people want.

    I completley agree with what Rebekkah is saying her. What the world needs is logic and that is what we should be taught. Even though Daniel Pink may be right that these people might succeed in the future, it is the ones that can take apart a situation for what it is and find a logical solution. Creativity can come next but logic is something that needs to be taught to students and not so much creativity. What Rebekkah is saying makes sense.

  3. Part of what Daniel is saying has some sense behind it. Artists and Musicians are important jobs, but how has that helped society ever? Inventors have helped a little bit but it is left brainers that sent people to the moon, left brainers that put the murderous people into jail, left brainers that follow a procedure to save someones life when they have a disease that has been seen before. Also left brainers are the ones that power society today. It is those types of people that are making things better. Some of the inventors of today are using their left brain. Logic and a little bit of extra years in college, have been able to create new devices such as the computer. They follow logical paths to make what they want, they don't just wake up one day and go, I think that this equation just popped into my head so now I can create this new device. People work in equations systematically for years and it is not just the creativity part of their brain that is doing that.

  4. Q-Is anyone else a little concerned about what he is saying? I don't like thinking that all these tests that we drive ourselves crazy over don't actually matter in the long run. So what does and why aren't we being prepared in that manner?
    A-I agree with Margot’s comment on this topic, that these tests are not strong enough to show all of the thinking that is needed, and therefore they are not very accurate in measuring your intelligence. People need to be book smart, although in order for the book smartness to benefit them, they also need to be street smart. Otherwise known as they have common reasoning. Therefore I do not quite agree with getting rid of all tests such as SAT’s or ACT’s, although I think there needs to be more too them, so it will also show a person’s common sense and reasoning skills.

    Q-What jobs that today require left brain thinking do you think that won't be around in the future because of the rise of right brain thinking?
    A- I think that there are several jobs that may no longer be around in the future such as an accountant or other people that work directly with numbers or technology that would be able to do the job for them. Although I do not think that the right brained people will create these jobs to be lost, I think of it more as the right brained people will just be more successful because their strengths are things that technology and other things that can be programmed are not able to do on their own. Therefore instead of the jobs being taken away by the right-brained people, I always think as the job could be taken away from the person because it would be cheaper to do the same problems and finding the same answers more accurately and in a cheaper way.

    I have a question for the people in Smith's class... I keep seeing comments where other students are mentioning how most of the class is right-brained, well considering that this is an Honors English class isn't that sort of expected? Because most left-brained people tend to be more math and science people. Just thought I would mention that.

    Q-What is creativity? Define it in your own words.
    A-Creativity is the ability to come up with something new and unique, along with being able to come up with original ideas without the need of specific instruction from another person.

    Q- To answer your question to Garrett, the first programs usually cut from schools are music and art classes, so how does this indicate a world where right brain thinkers are dominant?
    A-As a follow up to this question, I would disagree with the thought that schools always cut the arts programs first. After the major budget cuts our school is going through this year and for the next couple of years, there have not been very many cuts in the arts departments. I think that the schools do realize that for some students the arts are their strongholds and their strengths, also a balance between their really challenging classes. So I think that schools have been pretty good at realizing people’s strengths whether or not they mention left and right brain specifically.

  5. ---> I agree with most of the things that Daniel Pink is trying to say. He foretells that the world will soon be run by right brain people and has a lot of back-up information behind ime. However, if all the jobs for left-brained people do go overseas to Asian countries than what are the people in America going to do. There will always be people that think left brained and govern the same as well.

    Melanie---> Melanie says that anyone can fill in bubbles and take SAT's ect. however that being said, most are unable to draw out an entire floorplan to building or program a computer to create viruses. Having said that I do agree that lawyers use creativity in order to win their cases, its not a systematic job, and does require using both left and right brain, as with most tasks.

    I think that most people while reading this book think that what Daniel Pink is saying is definitely true however, theres always some loop-hole. There are jobs that as he says will be taken over by Asian contries but others with the same requirements are still in high need, the worker must be present for this job and having a Chinese man living in China teach a college class in America via Skype conversation is ludicrous.

    Josh---> I dont think that jobs are neccesarily being replaced, they are being transfered out by people who can either do a better job or for less money.

    Nathan---> Kara says that there may be a surge of artists, philosophers and actors, however I think theres not going to just be a wave of them, but just a trickle more. There are millions of reality shows and movies out so theres already an abundance regardless.