Thursday, April 29, 2010

Reflecting on Empathy

After taking the three empathy tests in AWNM portfolio:

reflect on what you learned about yourself. How does this connect to your learning, to our talk with Mrs. Brock, and with your reading of AWNM?


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  2. After taking the quizzes online and reading the chapter I have realized that I am not as empathetic as I thought. I have realized that I tend to understand other humans problems but I am not able to tell through how they look, or their facial expressions. Also on all of the questions regarding animals and plants I am not very empathetic. So I now know my strengths and weaknesses through empathy and what I need to improve, and the characteristics in Mrs. Brock's talk with us correlate to my results on these tests.

  3. I learned that I'm in the high-normal range of seeing people's emotions. For me personally, I think I am very empathetic on the inside even though I might keep it hidden on the outside. The way people are reacting effects me a lot. This connects to my learning because I've found that if the teacher and I have a better relationship I tend to do better in their class. Also if the teacher is enthusiastic about teaching, I'll do better. Mrs. Brock’s test was very interesting and classified me correctly. I think there should have been some more variations, but overall it was pretty accurate. AWNM and this test are really helpful for me.

  4. On the test about seeing the fake smile, I got 13/20 correct, then on the test to see how empathetic we are, I got 56/80, receiving an "Above Average" score. On the Mind in the Eyes test, I got 24/36, which is an average score. On the empathy quotient test, I got 14/80, which is very low. It shows that I am not the most empathetic person ever, but I am not uncaring about others, and that I don't care about how or why things work. This relates to Mrs. Brock's discussion by showing how I think about things.

  5. The quizzes showed me that I am basically average when it comes to empathy. Identifying the faces and eyes of each person and their emotion proved to be a difficult task for me to complete when I would have guessed identifying emotion was one of my strengths. I think it is important for me to continue improving my empathic abilities.

  6. Surprisingly, I found that I was more empathetic than I thought. I got from 19 out of 20 on the smiles, but only 19 on the eyes. My quotients were both average or above average. I thought this was especially interesting, because I thought I would be better at the eyes. Mrs. Brock brought a new dimension to the experience, because she enforced the concepts of a first and secondary response. I thought this connected, in addition to empathy, connects to play. I feel that the two go together well, because they both utilize the thinking and feeling part of the right-brain. Both are social interactions with many other people.

  7. Empathy Quotient: 60
    Systemizing Quotient: 13
    Smile Survey: 15/20
    Eyes Test: 31
    These tests taught me that I am in fact very empathetic and pretty good at reading people's faces. However, I do not have a good "male brain" and am not good at systemizing. This connects to my learning because I can tell what my teachers are feeling whether or not they show it, and I can get very attached to my schoolwork and my grades, but I do not really care about the specifics behind machines or science or really the specifics behind anything. I enjoy the specifics behind language though, which is not very well shown in this. These tests connect to AWNM because it shows how empathetic a person can be as far as the new senses Dan Pink writes about. It also connects with what Mrs. Brock talked to us about because this really reflects our personality and she talked to us about personality types and how they can relate to our everyday lives.

  8. After taking the quizzes, I found that I am pretty empathetic. On the empathy quotient, I recieved an average score for females and I missed two on the test deciding if the smiles were fake or not. From past experience and taking these quizzes, I realized that I am empathetic because I can relate to many people and my emotions change based on their emotions. I am pretty good at deciding what a person is feeling even when they may be hiding it. When we are learning about history, I feel that I can connect with any of the people and I am empathetic towards them. The answers that I got in Mrs. Brock's test match up really well with the answers I recieved on the test.

  9. I feel rather heartless after these tests. It's odd, because I care for people I really do, but sometimes you just don't need to be empathetic. I think this connects with what Mrs. Brock says because I can be a thinking/caring person, but at the same time I think in a big aspect and don't really care about other's emotions. I definitely learned A LOT about myself through this, and perhaps I need to work on some things!

  10. I learned that I am pretty empathetic when it comes to empathy. I can also tell when people are faking smiles pretty well and tell just from their eyes how they are feeling. I am able to feel their emotions and act on it accordingly. This was kind of surprising because with my brothers, I am usually the one to inflict pain on them.

  11. I think that this applies to our learning because it shows how different traits can work together in one person and there are many. For example, I scored average on the empathy quotient but then for the sympathy quotient, fake or real smiles, and eye test I scored very low. Even though I thought that I was fairly empathetic I am absolutely horrible at reading peoples emotions and I don’t think very deeply or wonder how things were created or how they work.This applies to our education because it means that everyone sees things in different ways and interprets it differently so meathods of teaching have to be diverse enough to benefit all students.

  12. I got a 36 on the empathy test which is normal for most women but I think that in realistic situations this is a little high. I think that if I am unaware of the exact situation I give people the benefit of the doubt, but when I know what is going on I have much more of a "suck it up" attitude. I think that it was pretty accurate but it is hard to answer the questions out of context. On the SQ test i scored an 11. I think that unforunately this is also accurate because I'm not a very logical thinker. I prefur the big picture to learning a lot of little facts and I never read manuels. On the smile test I got 19 out of the 20 which I thought was interesting because I scored much higher on that one than the empathy test. On the eye test I got a 29 which was interesting because I did much better on the smile test. I think that my test results correspond with where I placed myself in Mrs. Brock's test aswell. I think that as a learner I need to realise that it is easier for me to think empatheticaly rather than logically and I will have to adapt my learning to this.

  13. Empathy Quotient: 36
    Systemizing Quotient: 25
    Eyes: 25
    Smiles: 18
    After taking the tests I learned that I was more empathetic then I thought. I was average in all of the tests, when I figured that I was going to be lower.

  14. On the empathy quotient quiz I was kind of surprised that I am supposedly average when it comes being empathetic. I see myself as being kind of emotionless actually. But, I am very good at seeing someone else's point of view. With the eye game I have never really seen the "its all in the eyes" thing. I am very emotionally unattached to my surroundings. But, I think the tests should be a little more personal, because theres things that I would react differently to depending on the people that I am with and the mood that I am in.

  15. After taking these tests, I learned that my level of empathy was average, and my level of systematizing was extremely low. I think I kind of knew this already about myself, but it was interesting to see how I ranked compared to others. I am apparently excellent at distinguishing fake smiles from real smiles, as well as telling peoples' emotions through their eyes. I think this relates to my learning because I don't really organize or focus. That's probably something I need to work on.

  16. i realized that i am only average when it comes to empathy. However i excelled at determining facial features and scored a 19/20 on the fake smile test, and upper average on the Mind in the Eyes test. However i scored supremely low on the Systematizing Quotient, only scoring a 15. This basically correlates with what Mrs. Brock showed us. I can find specific details but don't have the urge or need to systemize.

  17. When taking the Empathy test, my score was just as I expected- 60/80. When taking the Systemizing test, my score was 42. The results for the smiles test were actually highly surprising to me. I scored 14 out of 20; this was slightly upsetting. On the Mind in the Eyes test, I scored a 25 which is average for most. The experience of taking these various tests was overall very interesting and helpful. It helped me think about how I act and interact with others in my daily life. I also thought about what Mrs. Brock taught us about our different personality types; and combining of the knowledge learned was, and still is, highly interesting.

  18. Wow, well, I'm a lot less empathetic than I thought I was. My mother constantly tells me that I have a heart of ice, which should have been a clue. In both the EQ and SQ tests, I got near or in the Autism/Asbergers range. For the smiles and eyes, I was basically average, which I expected. It looks like I need to work on some social skills... but honestly, I don't mind that much. I'm not empathetic and that's fine with me. There are others out there to be empathetic. On the other hand, I was also surprised at my SQ score. Looking back on Mrs Brock's presentation, I think I found where I fit in there after these tests. Neat!

  19. Empathy Quotient: 17
    Systemizing Quotient: 54
    Smile Test: 16
    Eyes Test: 30
    These test results tell me that I can interpret people's emotions pretty well, but I need to work on being empathetic. I should respect people's feelings more and try to put myself in their shoes to understand their problems. I feel like these tests are very useful in gauging how empathetic one is to better understand how you interact with others.

  20. After taking the tests, my suspicions were confirmed, I lack in empathy. On the Systemizing Quotient, I got 50. On the Empathy Quotient, I got 23. On the smile test, I got 10 out of 20. And on the eyes test, I got 8. These scores show that I am a more systematic person and that I don't exactly know how to put myself in other people's shoes. When Mrs. Brock came, I got the results that I was not empathetic. So, these tests, are the exact same as Mrs. Brock's. No I know when learning, I should be more systematic. Dan Pink's description of empathy also shows me activities I can do to become more empathetic and less systematic.

  21. These empathy tests basically proved to me what I have always known. I am simply an un-empathetic person. While taking the tests I was completely honest, and the results were accurate in my thinking. Mrs. Brock explained why I am this way, and these tests gave me examples of situations where I don't show as much empathy as I probably should. On the "reading eyes" test, I scored a 21/36 and i thought about Dan Pink's eye empathy test. I realized that I am fairly good at spoting fake and real smiles because I got a 16/20 on that test. I got a 37 on the empathy quotient test and a 17 on the systemizing test. I need to work on that.

  22. Empathy: 24
    Systematic: 41
    Smile: 16/20
    Eyes: 29/36
    The test results demonstrate that I can understand emotions well, but need to take others' into more consideration. I am systematic in making decisions, but usually perform the action before thinking about it. I think the tests are very useful in understanding oneself and others. Most of the students' results were predictable, which I found interesting. Maybe I know people better than I thought I did.

  23. When I took these tests it showed me that I am very empathetic and sensitive, that I can easily read other people's emotions and feelings. I felt that this went well with what Mrs. Brock's presentation told me.

  24. Empathy quotient: 31
    0 - 32 = low (most people with Asperger Syndrome or high-functioning autism score about 20)
    Systemizing quotient: 55
    51 - 80 is very high (three times as many people with Asperger Syndrome score in this range, compared to typical men, and almost no women score in this range)
    Spot the Fake Smile: 17/20
    Reading the Mind in the Eyes: 26

    After taking these tests I found that I am not a very empathetic person. I think that this also relates to the fact that I am very left brained because I do not agree with the "Empathy" chapter in AWNM. Even though I am not empathetic I think that I am very sympathetic so I find it interesting that I can be one and not the other. Oddly enough on both of the tests I scored in the Asperger Syndrome category which is kind of weird. I know I do not have that, but to be in the same category feels a little weird. This relates to my learning because I do not like to get emotionally attached to anything because I really do not care what happened to the people in history.

    On the BBC website at home I also did some of the other test they had on there and one of them told me I was and introvert just like I thought when Mrs. Brock can in and talked with us. There was this other test that asked you to cross your hand to see what thumb was on top that was fun. It said that whatever thumb was on top, the opposite side of the brain was dominant. That was wrong in my case and I asked other people to do it and none of them had the same pattern either. Overall the tests gave me accurate results based on what I know about myself, but it is still a little weird to know.

  25. I'm not really sure what to think about my quiz results. I was basically average. I got a 40/80 for empathy, a 27 on the systemizing quotient, only a 12/20 for the fake smiles, and a 24 on reading the eyes.

    Ever since my grandpa passed away in October, I feel that I have grown to be more empathetic. I relate and react to death differently than I had before. I think that AWNM has kind of helped me grasp how I really act, and what details of empathy I need to improve on.

    Overall, I was pretty pleased with my scores. I now know what I need to improve, and what I am good at.

  26. Well I took the Empathy test again to see if I got more empathetic and I got a 20. I guess I am not ever going to be an empathetic person.

  27. I scored an 8 on the empathy quiz (Aspergers), a 29 on the eye reading test (Average), and 17 on the smile test (Above Average).
    The empathy test results don’t surprise me too much, because although it’s not “good”, it is the way I am. The result may actually be a bit different, because some of the questions on the empathy test were about facial expressions, on those, I said I was bad at reading when I took the test. After taking the two facial expressions, I now realize I actually am pretty good at reading them, for I got high or a high average in both of the facial tests. On the two facial expressions tests, I looked at my results and it the ones I missed seemed pretty random, there was no pattern that I saw, so I believe that the ones I got wrong were just ones I didn’t quite see the exact expression. On the smile test, I did quite well, getting 17/20, I contribute this high score to reading “Empathy” in A Whole New Mind, because in the chapter, Pink told the readers the importance of the eyes, and I used that information on the test.

  28. After taking the quizzes I learned that I am below average on the systematizing and the empathy quotients, but higher on the spotting the emotions and fake smiles tests. I thought I would be higher than I was on the empathy tests, but this relates to what Mrs. Brock was saying, that I need to try and see what other people are thinking. With the spotting fake smiles and eyes I was much better. I must be a little more empathetic when it comes to that. I can put myself a little more into place when I actually see it, versus reading it.

  29. Empathy Quotient: 54, above average.
    Systemizing Quotient: 20, average.
    Spot the Fake Smile: 16/20, just above average.
    Mind the Eyes: 30, highly perceptive of emotions around the eyes
    These tests told me a lot about myself that I already knew. I'm very good at picking up on the emotions of others, and I pay a lot of attention to the eyes, which helped me in the fake smile portion and eye expression.

  30. Empathy Quotient: 65
    Systemizing Quotient: 23
    Smile Survey: 13/20
    Eyes Test: 30
    Taking these tests were really interesting and they showed me that I am a very empathetic person. I am very good at figuring out how people are feeling by their facial expressions and if they are hiding what they really think about something inside. These tests relate to AWNM because it connects and shows how people can be empathetic through other senses and characteristics of their face and brain. On the smile survey the results talked about fake smiles being controlled by the brain and so they appear different then real smiles. I thought these tests were really fun and interesting and it gives you a chance to think about how empathic you really are.

  31. Empathy Quiz: 56
    Systemizing: 26
    Smiles: 18/20
    Eyes: 23
    I found that I am very good at detecting a fake smile and I am a pretty empathetic person. I pretty much agree with this quiz but I think that it also depends on the situation. In certain scenarios I will be totally empathetic but in other ones I can be a big gerk. On average though I think I am an empathetic person. After taking the eyes quiz my results showed that I am not very good at detecting the meanings of eyes. I am not very sure if i agree with this because I personally think that I am pretty good at detecting the meanings and emotions of peoples eyes although I will admit that it helps to have the whole face also.

  32. After taking the tests, I have found that I am not very much of an empathetic person - quite the opposite of the Myers-Briggs test that Mrs. Brock talked about. I'm not sure whether or not to find this surprising. I'm often sarcastic and blunt, especially in writing, but I also think that I can tell what other people are feeling, though I'm not much of a sociable person.
    My systemizing quotient results placed me in the "low" category, which was expected, as I know I am much less detail-oriented than I am a "big-picture" type thinker.
    I had been pretty confident that I would score well on the sincere/fake smile test, and so I did, with results of 19/20 correct. I did less well with the "Mind in the Eyes" test, but I managed the "average" range.
    Overall, I thought the tests were interesting, if not entirely accurate, and I'm glad we took the time to do them, because it gives me a different perspective on how I talk, act, and see the world.

  33. I scored a 16 on the empathy test. I think I'm the least empathetic person in the class. My systematic score was a 57. My faces score was 13 out of 20, and the eyes was a 26.

  34. After scoring higher on empathy that systemizing, I have learned that my learning is more reliant on feelings that fact. Although that is what my test score said, I think it depends on the situation, whether or not I use feeling rather than thought.

    Empathy: 34
    Systemizing: 17

  35. After participating on the online survey/tests I found that the resuts were very similar to what I thought they would be. I scored a 61 on the empathy part which according to the site is an above average score.
    My systemizing score, however, could have been predicted in my opinion. I scored an 18 which is in the low range. I don't find that very surprising because of how I organize and how i handle certain things.
    The fake smile test was the most difficult I thought and was pleasantly suprised that I scored a 17 out of 20.

  36. Your score: 65(Empathy)64 - 80 is very high
    Your score: 5 (Systematizing)0 - 19 = low
    Your score: 15 out of 20 correct (Human smile)
    Your score: 31 (Mind in the Eye)If you scored over 30,you are very accurate at decoding a person's facial expressions
    around their eyes.
    After four test I can see that I am very right brained. I am above average.

  37. After completing the various tests on empathy, and tests on the ability to distinguish emotions, I was pleased with my results. The tests verify what I had previously believed; I am empathetic to an extent. I can easily decipher one’s emotions; however I can’t always relate to their situation or ordeal. Daniel Pink’s novel, A Whole New Mind, has encouraged me to develop my empathy skills, and be open to other’s emotions. I am very observational, however, as I found out from Mrs. Brock’s presentation on type; I was pleasantly surprised to score a 19 out of 20 (19/20) on the “Spot the Fake Smile Test”, and earning 32 out of 36 (32/36) on the “Reading the Mind in the Eyes” test. Empathy is extremely important to develop relationships; relationships, in turn, allow for better understanding and trust between humans. Good relationships can even lead to greater business success and productivity; in my own life, I will try to increase my empathy level to generate greater success.

  38. Empathy:
    Your score: 59
    Your score: 54
    You got 18 out of 20 correct
    Your score: 30
    Ah, the things people do not know unless they know me.
    I thought it was interesting that even though I scored really high on both, they are about even, it did not really surprise me though.

  39. Empathy Quotient: 45 (average)
    Systemizing: 17 (below average)
    Spot the Fake Smile: 12 out of 20, or 60%
    Reading the Mind is the Eyes: 25 correct (average)

    The results of these tests did not prove surprising for me. I have always considered myself as average when it comes to empathy. I try very hard to understand people by looking at where they come from and stepping in their shoes. Many of my friends come to me for emotional support, advice, and for someone to talk to. I am also emotionally attached to movies. For example, our class watched a movie describing a man’s experience having a hard attack. When the narrator explained that the man’s lungs were having a hard time providing oxygen to the brain, I felt anxious and kept muttering, “Don’t have a stroke. Why doesn’t someone get him to the hospital, fast? Don’t have a stroke.” My grandfather died after experiencing a heart attack at a dance. He died from a stroke, because the paramedics were slow to arrive and drive him to the hospital. Therefore, I felt empathy toward the man in the movie. At the same time, I can become very apathetic towards people. Sometimes, I get so caught up in my busy life that I think about myself before my friends or family. For example, if one of my friends tells me that she is feeling sick on a day where I am stressing over a test or project, I usually brush her feelings away. In addition, I find it hard to empathize with people that I do not get along with. I am also not surprised that I scored below average on systemizing. Honestly, I do not care about how train tracks work so long as I arrive at my destination safely after taking a train. These results reflect my learning style, because I work best with teachers who are competent and have few flaws. I sometimes have difficulty with teachers who make mistakes with my grades or try to do the minimum amount of work because of personal problems. However, I do my best to put myself in their shoes. This also relates to Mrs. Brock’s description of the different types. I had trouble deciding whether I was a thinking person or an empathetic person. My scores on the empathy tests reflect this struggle, because I am generally average when it comes to feeling with others. This also relates to my reading of A Whole New Mind. As a left-brain person, these tests show that, while I am not completely cold hearted, empathy is not my forte. I would do well to complete more of the portfolio activities suggested by Pink to help me strengthen my empathetic abilities.

  40. Empathy Quotient: I scored a 43, which is average.
    Systemizing Quotient: I scored a 4—yes a 4—which is low.
    Spot the Fake Smile: I scored a 16/20.
    Mind the Eyes: I scored a 26, which is a typical score.

    Overall, my results were very accurate. I do not think I am a very empathetic person but I am certainly not lacking empathy, and I think my score captured that. I was thinking that maybe my score should have been a little higher, but now that I have had more time to think it over, the score I received was accurate. I am not surprised at all about my systemizing quotient score. I am not in the least bit interested in what path a river is going to take on its journey to the ocean. I really hate when people act fake to me, so I enjoy the fact that Pink taught us how to detect fake smiles. I am pretty good at it, but I could still use some practice. I am not great at detecting people’s emotions, but I am not too terrible.

    When Mrs. Brock came in to talk to us, I realized that I am an intuitive and feeling person. This was exposed in my tests. I think that because I am more of an intuitive and feeling person, I probably scored higher than those that are more sensing and feeling.

    In correlation to my learning, I do not think it is good that I scored so low on my systemizing quotient quiz. I am aware that the quiz is not very reliable, but I do not think it is good that I scored the lowest out of everyone in the class. Although I scored low, I am not sure what “systemizing quotient” means and how it will affect me as a student.

  41. Empathy: 70
    Systemizing: 13
    Smiles: 17/20
    Eyes: 22

    I found that I am very empathetic. I thought that I had good empathy, but I did not realize that I was that empathetic. I also thought that I was not very systematic. I was correct about this too. I did better on the eyes test than I thought I would. I also did better at the smile test than I thought I would as well. In conclusion, I found that I am a much more empathetic person that I thought I was.

  42. These tests were a little discomforting because I got a 67 on systemizing but an 8 on empathy. I can see why my systemizing grade was so high and this reflects in how I learn but I thought I would do better on empathy. Another thing that was weird was that I got a 16/20 on the smile test. So like Mrs. Brock said there is much diversity when it comes to people's personalities.

  43. After taking these tests, it said that I got a 61 on empathy, and a 23 on systemizing. I understand my scores, and thought it was interesting how kids who were less empathetic scored higher on the systemizing, and students who were more empathetic scored lower on the systemizing test. My results on the smile test were quite well, I got an 18 out of 20, which I did not expect at all. I can relate this to the information Mrs. Brock gave us because she said that characteristics of the brain didn't change based on which side of the brain, which was shown in my results of the test today, because I am left-brained, but scored differently than other right-brainers did.

  44. What I learned about my self is that I am much more systimatic then I am empathitic. This shows me that I do not do well with dealing with other people. This connects with what we are learning about because i believe what Pink is trying to say that in the future people who are able to connect with other people at an emotional level in the future will do better in buisness.